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Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

For the longest time I enjoyed reading about the past. Little would I know that I would have a hand in preserving it for future visitors. Recently I was part of a project for the National Park service that included the creation of an interactive map as well as and audio tour for the iPhone and iPad. The most interesting part of the whole process was gathering the material necessary for a series of film clips.

Every St. Patrick’s Day weekend in my hometown of Greensboro, NC there is a Revolutionary War reenactment involving some 300-400 volunteers, Cavalry and Artillery pieces. It’s truly a sight to see as lines of Redcoats face off against formations of Continental regulars and militia, the thunder of both British and American dragoons and the deafening roar of 6-pounder guns pealing down the hill. What struck me about all of this was how comprehensive and detailed every aspect of the reenactment was, down to the uniforms and tactics.

Continental Firing Line
1st Maryland Engaging
Banastre Tarleton’s Green Dragoons

After compiling these still images, film clips and voice over from one of the senior Rangers I was able to put together a multimedia presentation. This would ultimately assist the park in garnering interest from the extended public in its history.


Another example of lightbox use

A few weeks ago when I attempted to create a light box for a website I attempted to use a shadow slider Jquery file in combination with a the Jquery Galleria program. This did not function as both .JS files had conflicting functions in both programs. I opted for a simpler program called Jquery blinds. This utilized a simpler animation of transitory panels, while still maintaining an image of a professional news media or non-profit website. I liked how the smooth animation was coupled with the ability to have multiple instances and the increased ability to function with numerous web browsers. something to consider for the upcoming project.

Example of an efficient interface

In coming across this financial debt graph, I was struck by some interesting factors in the overall design. Not only is the risk status of each country in question color coded but the debt towards each individual nation is tracked and judged by fiscal percentage. This is an especially helpful tool for those that would like to have a clear and concise understanding of the European debt crisis.


The use of a favicon seems to be an interesting innovation. It is essentially the visual identification of a website for web browsers. In researching this topic I recognized how many formats they can be in ICO’s, PNG’s, JPEG’s and GIF’s. What I found to be interesting is that Internet Explorer does not support any type of file format except an ICO. What really puzzles me about this situation is that even after the introduction of several other web browsers, almost a quarter of web users still utilize Internet Explorer.  Another topic of interest in favicons was how the iOS operating system utilizes a custom icon slot that allows the device to automatically save a sample of the web page if a favicon is not present. The question remains in light of this development, will favicons even be necessary in the developer’s world?

The use of jquery in a navbar

In analyzing several websites such as I saw the effective use of configuring information in an efficient manner. It was often that I saw the limitation in placing a navigation system for a website. It was little more than providing hyperlinks to different sections of the site. I decided to take a look at the spry menu bar model.  In we see sections that are placed according to information sections, blogs, video features, a link to the magazine and even a how-to section for household technology! I will surely incorporate this element into future designs.


Use of Motion Typography

The current assignment for my class is the use of motion typography. I have decided to do this in after effects. It combines the use of illustrator, photo-shop and final cut into a singular package. I love the way that users can easily add different effects to separate text elements. I decided to do a monologue from a film. a great example of which is from the Dark Knight. This link will bring you to one of Heath Ledger’s infamous speech as The Joker.

Use of Lightbox

The addition of a light box effect in a website has many uses. The first of which is the efficient use of space. I cannot say how many times there has been an overlap of visual content over a main area. The use of a light box deals with that efficiently in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. The other use of a light box is allowing the user to choose what exactly they want to view.

In the same div tag, one can toggle a photo gallery, a video clip, a swf. file and several other options. In the example that i have seen for the advertising of the movie “50/50” there is the option of viewing one of three files form the dock. The interactivity of this option is something that I will not overlook in the future.