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SXSW Day 1- How to combine new media with big business

I recently had the chance to go to SXSW 2014! It was an amazing feeling, being at the very cutting edge of new technology and research for both products and marketing strategy. Part of this series is dedicated to what I’ve learned over the wild and crazy experience I had in Austin.

The first bit of guidance given by the panelists at the convention was to understand your audience. The one I primarily work with is much older and more in tune with established business practices. The use of social media to drive traffic is a new phenomenon, albeit a cost effective one that expands a company’s reach. Establishing the value of this new medium to the older generation is broken down by the following factors.

The worth of social media and the rate of investment is measured by how many followers a company has. For instance, when initiating this program the number of followers has increased from 500 to 716. This is a roughly 30% climb in viewers. In order to have this number raised even further a company must look to its own culture.

Taghleef Industries is a richly diverse company founded in Dubai. It’s subsidiary organizations include operations in North America, Europe, Egypt, The Arabian Gulf, Australia and China.  The ability to perform as a global company includes the ability to reach across cultures and languages. By combining regions that produce our material and having sales offices in the major financial markets, TI has a formidable presence in the market. There is also another reason behind the success of Taghleef Industries. The primary topic that often comes up is how to be a more sustainable organization. The introduction of bio-resin based products, lighter films and more diverse markets has enhanced our marketability as an organization. Utilizing new technology such as social media and online metrics also assists in potential reduction in paper products. Before I get ahead of myself, diversity and sustainable practices must be embraced by all aspects of an organization. The culture of a company’s founders are to be embraced by all.

In a second conference about utilizing Twitter, the two speakers focused on getting businesses to utilize their best assets, their followers. In digital marketing using followers is a tremendous force multiplier. When a tweet or message is resent via a list of company contacts (clicking the retweet button), those individuals will have that message on their message board. An excellent example is of a sales officer giving a talk at a conference of 400 business people at a convention center. Before walking up to the podium, the salesperson tweets a link to the specific event that is his company is sponsoring. This message is then circulated to over 600,000 individuals online. The number is increased even more when photos and video of this event are posted. When this message is circulated by each of these users, the ROI (rate of investment) increases. The lesson learned is to always think of where company employees are, rather where they are not. Special events, philanthropy, new products, and public relations are all suitable topics with this new communications medium.

Tom Spano and Michale Duggan at #your hashtag is your event
Tom Spano and Michale Duggan at #your hashtag is your event

The Age of Military Robotics

Advanced methods of waging war seem to progress with the advancement of technology. When modern rockets were first pioneered in the 1920’s by Professor Goddard, they were designed to measure altitude, climate and physics. This initial curiosity lead to the golden age of space exploration by America and the Soviet Union in the 1960’s. The Space Race was, however, preceded by military scientists using this technology as a weapon. Notably by Werner Von Braun and the German military during World War Two as they launched the first tactical Cruise and Ballistic missiles against London and other cities in England. The advancements of robotics seem to be following the same path.

The most famous of drones is the RQ-1 Predator, a former surveillance drone that is now used as a Rocket-firing weapons platform against Taliban forces in Afghanistan. While effective as a military weapon it has also invited controversy. Doubts range from how a pilot remotely controlling such a machine cannot utilize their experience and instincts, to being unable to make judgment calls in the field. There is a fear now that drones will no longer need a military serviceman to operate them. The new X-47B will include a new A.I. system that will allow it to make independent decisions free of a command structure. While this new innovation will supposedly cut down on pilot error and other issues regarding performance, there is a small danger of the system becoming compromised by hackers or of the drone itself becoming a self-aware weapon.

The Next Generation of Drone Warfare

5 Useful Apps for the Labor Day weekend getaway

Labor day weekend is here! A time to kick back with family and friends in the mountains, beach or hitting the town. Before heading out, download a few helpful apps that can squeeze more out of your dollar.

Gas Buddy- A pretty straightforward app, this one allows you to find the cheapest gas station near their location. Thanks to real-time reports by other users, Gas Buddy will list all stations in the area in order of price so that you can find the best deal.

Wi-Fi Finder- Being out in the woods or on shore is a relief from your work week. What if you need to check your g-mail account or post updates on your social profiles? Download This app will locate, display and filter the free and charged Wi-Fi hotspots near you.

Instagram- One of the most popular Apps so far! Not only does it have the option to apply photo-shop esque filters over your images, it also can be connected to personal social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr.

Find My iPhone- On any road trip you’re bound to misplace something. In the event your iphone disappears, I’d recommend Find My iPhone. This free app is downloadable for any other iOS system and can track your iPhone via GPS. If the phone is found, Evernote will send out a signal or text message to the person that has it. If you feel that you won’t be getting it back, the app can lock and even erase all information on the missing phone.

EveryTrail Pro- One of the mosre detailed Hiking apps available. Over 400,000 different hikes, audio guides, and travel stats will help detail your hike. The pro version of this app allows you to download and manage your maps offline, record geotagged video, and sync your trips between the app and

Have fun out there!

Twitter: The go-to app for social interaction.

According to a recent article posted on CNN, We all have that first impulse every morning: wake up, stretch, check out twitter account. It’s central to our content consumption habits as much as Facebook, Reddit and other social media platforms. The question that should be central to everyone’s minds should be: What really goes on Twitter on any given day? We can be certain that content doesn’t stay put, It’s re-tweeted and sent out into the world.

Our Rapidly Changing World
With the advent of Instagram, more tweeters are sharing photos of themselves and their day to day lives than any other type of content. With this app everyone can singlehandedly customize their pics by adding filters and crop tools that were only previously available to programs such as Photoshop. The best part is, it is applicable to social media like twitter. This makes international file-sharing limitless. That said, it doesn’t end with your photo albums.

New frontiers

Articles come in second place at about 16%. Surprisingly the statistics for languages in articles are not even printed in English! The top language is Indonesian led by followed by and rounded out by, a Portuguese language site based in Brazil. This surprising evidence, presented by Diffbot’s page classifier API, brings up some interesting revelations. As wages go up in developing regions of the world, so to does the potential for users in those markets to have access to Social Media. This makes our world that much more connected. You ask why stop at static text? Why not embedded video?

A Force For Change                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Going back to the graph on CNN, we see that video has a huge niche as well. While video makes up roughly 10%. of all the video posted on twitter, YouTube predictably leads at hosting 6 out of 10 videos. The usability and easily gained posting space on YouTube accounts has increased its popularity over its rival content sharing sites such as Vimeo or Google Videos. This enabled such drastic world changing events such as the Arab Spring to occur. For the first time in history, individuals and groups that wanted to get their opinions across did not need a printing press or other tech. All that was necessary for groups of activists in Tunis, Cairo and Tripoli needed was a YouTube account, a camera or smartphone, a working FTP channel and, you guessed it, a twitter handle. Nine intense months later these three countries gained the right to have democratic elections. All thanks to human ingenuity and the availability of tech, anything is truly possible.

Final Thoughts
The future of social media is ever expanding as more new and innovative means are being created. One day we will see holographic imaging, improved voice powered searches (Siri is a good start), fingerprint activated saved searches and so much more! One thing that can be certain is the creation of twitter, the genesis of the global micro-blog and a force for change.

For referencing the graphic please follow the mashable link at the bottom.