Krav Maga: The Art of Combat

A friend of mine once said that all martial arts are similar and can be placed into several categories. Some like Akido are needed purely for self-defense and exist to redirect an opponents attacks. Muay Thai, Jui-Jitsu, Karate and Shaolin Kung-Fu are designed to go on the attack utilizing fluid, acrobatic movements. There is a special type of martial art called the hybrid or mixed martial arts. This category is reflective of real-world fight scenarios and are part of most law enforcement and military organizations across the world. One of the more famous examples is Krav Maga, the standard combative technique for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

In the 1930’s the Jewish quarter of Bratislava, in modern day Slovakia was consistently under attack by Right-Wing gangs conducting pogroms. A boxing and wrestling teacher named Imi Lichtenfeld came before his synagogue and offered to train the neighborhoods young men into a self-defense league. Utilizing the human body’s natural reaction to fighting and creating a series of quick counterattacks. The young men were able to fight back against street thugs and kept their community safe. Until the rise of Hitler and the German conquest of Europe. Upon fleeing his home country, Lichtenfeld vowed to take his art with him to the British Mandate of Palestine, in what is now modern day Israel.

As a combat instructor Lichtenfeld’s art was valued by members of the Hagganah, the Jewish underground, and later the IDF. The success of the program caught on with several European police and military agencies and even America’s FBI and CIA began to train their personnel in it. To this day Krav Maga has become a worldwide phenomenon, offering the best self-defense system. The ease of learning this art is measured by the ability to protect oneself in a dangerous situation, ranging from an unarmed opponent to a brawl and even and armed mugging. Please view the attached video to see it in action.


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