Plight Of The Zombie

Sparkplug Game’s New App, Plight of The Zombie, puts the player in the shoes of Craig, an innocent couch potato turned zombie on his quest to satisfy his hunger . A humorous take on the traditional zombie horror sub-genre, the game depicts the familiar monsters as innocent creatures in search of food. An amusing intro sets the stage with subsequent levels revolving around Craig’s consumption of brains for points and conversion of humans into fellow ghouls.

Played via the users fingertip as a guide, the game is about stealth action. Most of the human characters carry weapons and have a line of sight. That said, it’s extremely important to run into humans in order to make friends/victims. After increasingly challenging obstacles, the player is forced to overrun human barricades with the collected “converts”. When all of the humans change into zombies, the player wins the level.

As an easy strategy game, Plight of the Zombie certainly delivers. The game play is challenging yet not overly hard, the mechanics are user friendly and has replay value. It’s currently available on the App Store for $2.99. Happy Feasting!

Having a New Friend for Dinner.

5 Useful Apps for the Labor Day weekend getaway

Labor day weekend is here! A time to kick back with family and friends in the mountains, beach or hitting the town. Before heading out, download a few helpful apps that can squeeze more out of your dollar.

Gas Buddy- A pretty straightforward app, this one allows you to find the cheapest gas station near their location. Thanks to real-time reports by other users, Gas Buddy will list all stations in the area in order of price so that you can find the best deal.

Wi-Fi Finder- Being out in the woods or on shore is a relief from your work week. What if you need to check your g-mail account or post updates on your social profiles? Download This app will locate, display and filter the free and charged Wi-Fi hotspots near you.

Instagram- One of the most popular Apps so far! Not only does it have the option to apply photo-shop esque filters over your images, it also can be connected to personal social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr.

Find My iPhone- On any road trip you’re bound to misplace something. In the event your iphone disappears, I’d recommend Find My iPhone. This free app is downloadable for any other iOS system and can track your iPhone via GPS. If the phone is found, Evernote will send out a signal or text message to the person that has it. If you feel that you won’t be getting it back, the app can lock and even erase all information on the missing phone.

EveryTrail Pro- One of the mosre detailed Hiking apps available. Over 400,000 different hikes, audio guides, and travel stats will help detail your hike. The pro version of this app allows you to download and manage your maps offline, record geotagged video, and sync your trips between the app and

Have fun out there!