Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

For the longest time I enjoyed reading about the past. Little would I know that I would have a hand in preserving it for future visitors. Recently I was part of a project for the National Park service that included the creation of an interactive map as well as and audio tour for the iPhone and iPad. The most interesting part of the whole process was gathering the material necessary for a series of film clips.

Every St. Patrick’s Day weekend in my hometown of Greensboro, NC there is a Revolutionary War reenactment involving some 300-400 volunteers, Cavalry and Artillery pieces. It’s truly a sight to see as lines of Redcoats face off against formations of Continental regulars and militia, the thunder of both British and American dragoons and the deafening roar of 6-pounder guns pealing down the hill. What struck me about all of this was how comprehensive and detailed every aspect of the reenactment was, down to the uniforms and tactics.

Continental Firing Line
1st Maryland Engaging
Banastre Tarleton’s Green Dragoons

After compiling these still images, film clips and voice over from one of the senior Rangers I was able to put together a multimedia presentation. This would ultimately assist the park in garnering interest from the extended public in its history.