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The importance for writing for a web-based platform is not lost on many companies. The average viewer skims over thousands of articles a day and therefore becomes overwhelmed by the surplus of information.  The direct approach to writing a good web article is to be as short and concise as possible.


Some facts to take into consideration are that 79% of all Internet users tend to skim information, as opposed to reading entire pages.  Additionally, it is estimated that 75% of users recalled the entirety of a page’s content. Keeping these statistics in mind, a potential writer must follow a few guidelines for web writing.


The first step is to know who the intended audience is. The incorporation of keywords assists the casual viewer in finding specific topics.  Additionally the use of a good title in a bold font may subconsciously hold the reader’s attention as they come across the page.


The next step is to plan out the content. Being thorough on a subject is essential for follow-ups with interested members of your target community. The best way to link site pages with relevant content is embedded hyperlinks within the text. This will save time and provide a quick, easy guide for future reading.


One example of the bold font taking precedence over other topics occurs frequently on CNN’s website.  The breaking news stories and those of great importance tend to be several pixels larger than the others gathered at the lower brackets. In addition to hyperlinks to other articles, CNN boasts the use of iReport. This is a revolutionary concept that allows anyone in the world to essentially write on CNN’s official blog.


The famous tech magazine Wired has a website that follows similar tactics. Hyperlinks are once again used to great effect as they are embedded within the paragraph sentence structure. The site also uses bolded and enlarged text to signify the importance of articles.


The use of these multiple tactics gives the content producer an edge in the twenty first century. By knowing the target audience and usage of several methods, the guarantee of audience retention is far greater than traditional actions.


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