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The social marketing campaign that had to be created is called “Shape Up NC”. In this assignment, research had to be conducted on what age demographic would be targeted, what methods would be used and what techniques would be helpful in motivating North Carolina citizens to take care of their bodies. The plan that I created was directed specifically for health care professionals and extreme sports enthusiasts. Several techniques that I wanted to incorporate into the regimen included the use of the Paleo Diet, Crossfit fitness training and the Israeli martial art known as Krav Maga.  The approach that must be utilized would be tailored for the current generation of consumers.

In studying the Oatmeal cartoon and the hub spot blog on social media tactics, several things can be determined by successful contemporary advertising campaign. During the 1950’s the consumer was meant to be passive, impressionable, given to trust and easily manipulated. Today the use of social media has created a generation of skeptics. The producer and consumer are now part of a two-way communications system that generates e-commerce. The means to engage potential clients has changed from creating an elaborate fantasy for the consumer to believe in, to being more direct in a presentation. If a product is presented and the features are explicitly detailed, then the consumer may have a better idea of what they are paying for. The idea of using a sense of urgency and implied desperation are passé methods.

The modern day advertising campaign of pragmatism and fact is a far cry from previous generations attempt at commerce. By demonstrating to the consumer that a company is both competent and accountable for their product only then can trust be built.


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