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The use of empathy is perhaps the strongest motivator that must be utilized by non-profit agencies. The natural sympathy that human beings have for one another is the reason why so many humanitarian aid organizations exist. The key to making a successful online marketing campaign for a non-profit seems to be the value of engagement and collaboration.


The first step is to identify your audience. The ability to find a community that can assist in furthering your cause is a fundamental step in establishing your campaign. The next logical step is to determine if the audience has a particular interest in the cause. The most direct approach is to determine an audience’s familiarity with the topic and if it carries emotional weight with them. If there is a connection, give them if not charge them with the belief that they can effect an outcome with their time, money and effort. The final step is to include a number of individuals or a well-known member of the community in your cause, a fact that helps your intended audience know that it is indeed a worth their time.


While it is relatively easy to become involved in a cause, the issue is that modern society’s data stream allows viewers to view hundreds, if not thousands of articles online at any given time. The viewer thus runs a risk of being inundated with an overabundance of facts and will consequently learn to tune out most of the materials. In order to remedy this, several methods can used to increase awareness.


The relatively easy use of digital recording devices such as SLR cameras, flip phones or even smart phones can assist in a website’s message. The usability of video is immensely popular as one’s message can be circulated to an exponential degree depending on the producer’s connections within their community.  It also fosters collaboration as many people with similar interests could become inspired and contribute to the overall campaign. The use of infographics is also of a great help. The tracking of statistics via effective pictographs and maps gives the viewer a better idea on the impact of natural disasters or other humanitarian problems.


Another method that has been utilized to effectiveness is the live stream video. The ability to host a webcast session is also helpful in giving your audience up to the minute coverage on your non-profit. Most importantly, ask people what they think should happen and what they can do to help. The success of a non-profit relies heavily on the actions of the community and what response they choose.




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