Yucatan Project: Day 20, Elon

Jan 23rd: I submitted my final version of the video today. I feel a sense of profound relief and anticipation. Without Jessica’s leadership, Dan’s coding skills, Cassie’s Illustration Techniques and the talents of the rest of my team we could not have done as well as I thought. The video that I have created is but one small part in the whole website. Included we have an additional gallery of videos explaining the message of the center, a PR video,¬† a donate page linked to Pastor Wilson’s account and several other features. As I look back the project itself was a profound cultural immersion, more so than any other destination I’ve traveled to.

I not only increased my knowledge and experience in a potential future job position but also had the opportunity to make a direct, positive impact in the lives of several children. I truly hope that the creation of my team’s site will be sufficient to bring much needed financial support for the hundreds if not thousands of children in the Yucatan area. As of right now I’m thinking back to a story that the Pastor once told me. He explained that the idea behind his action was to provide the area’s children with he means to lift themselves up. It is one thing to give aid to those in need, but an even better action to be a part of someone’s self determination and to watch them set out on a path that was unavailable to them before. In the end the most effective way to make a difference is to render mutual respect towards others. Here ends the lesson.


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