Yucatan Project: Day 17, Elon

Jan 20th: It’s been sometime since I last wrote. I’ve been assigned to work on the Yucatan Cultural video for my group’s project website. I decided to tackle this section with several ideas in mind. The first idea was to create a two minute presentation on footage of the Christian and Mayan heritage of the area. I largely used footage of our time in the Izamal area. I had a sneaking feeling that it did not do the area justice as I left much of the images of the other areas out. I remedied that with several photographs that included the Academia Nataneal, Merida, Cancun and other places. When consulted by Prof. Negin and Jessica my project manager I was told to use a variety and not stress as much attention on visual continuity. With this knowledge I was ready to tackle the visual aspect of the presentation. However the soundtrack was a different matter entirely.

Jan 21st: I opted originally for a more subdued, tribal sounding track that one could easily time according to the beat. When presenting to my group I was told that the track was in fact somber and quite a few of the accompanying images gave a more morose outlook of the region. I once again decided to change the film’s tone by adding a more Caribbean, Yucatan beat that was more uplifting and positive. I also supplanted most of the still images with one that were bold in color composition. The added vibrancy of the images and the accompanying music virtually changed the tone and outlook of the video. I was very amazed. The lesson here is that even the slightest changes can alter a presentation entirely, even down to the smallest frame and sound bite.


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