Yucatan Project: Day 7, San Antonio Sodzil

Jan 10th: I spent the night with Pastor Wilson and Professor Sang at the youth community center. It was interesting to learn how to sleep in a hammock, unfortunately I received a crick in my neck in the process. The day that the pastor, professor and I spent involved touring the community and seeing the projects Academia Nataneal was involved in. Our first stop was to tour a housing project for a couple that couldn’t afford a separate place to live from their families. The house was a single room building made entirely of concrete. The kitchen, living quarters, and other areas that Americans think of as separate areas were all centered in a single small area. Essentially, privacy is a luxury that few people can afford to have. I saw similar features in buildings across the county.

The water maintenance facility that we went to in Ticul was built in part by Academia Nataneal as well as other religious organizations in the area. The plant incorporated reverse osmosis as well as a filtration system allowing the community to have access to clean drinking water without fear of contamination. As we left the Pastor spoke to a woman named Senora Blanco who was suffering from a debilitating illness caused by industrial chemicals. As I saw the pastor reassure her I understood that the ability of a few people in an area such as this could have as big an impact as him. You cannot just provide relief but also leadership in these types of environments. In regards to camerawork I’ve gotten better at determining the use of lighting during daylight hours. I would say that my skill has become fairly well-honed.

Aligning Slats on the roof
Former Henaquen plant
San Antonio Sodzil's outdoor kitchen



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