Yucatan Project, Day2 : Cacalchen, Mexico

Jan 5th: I was tasked to walk two students of the center to their home. They were polite albeit shy. My class and I seemed to get several puzzled looks. It’s as though foreigners don’t seem to come through often. I’m struck by the landscape and how different it is from the United States. Most of the area can be described as lower income/extremely impoverished. However there exists a strong work ethic that seems to surpass their predicament. All around I see small businesses, cobblers, auto shops and corner stores. There is also a sense of pride in their history as distinctly Mayan from the Aztec and, later, Spanish influences that came through their land. They are truly and interesting people to live among.

Student in lab
Walking Students Home
Oranges: One of the Yucatan's most Bountious Crops
Local Butcher Shop, Market Square

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