Yucatan Project: Day 1 Cacalchen, Mexico

Today was my first day in the little town of Cacalchen, Mexico, far from the beaches and hot spots of Cancun. This place is amazing. I’m already understanding the rich cultural history of this state, from the Ancient Mayans to modern times. I have also already seen alot of economic disadvantage among the locals. Many stories the children tell us are of living without mothers or fathers, of growing up without the opportunities that many people in the United States enjoy. The great challenge that my team will have in this project will be of how to convey this story. How can we make the local situation understandable to an audience that is hundreds of miles away? We need to show that these children have dreams and aspirations that include attainable positions that can assist their community. On another note I’ve decided to think about what I can do to improve my position as a cameraman.


  • leave space in lower thirds to direct viewers to speaker’s subject.
  • Leave room for head space during interviews.
  • adjust lighting according to source, dusk is the most difficult.
Academia Nataneal Computer Lab
Future site of Academia Nataneal


Exterior, Academia Nataneal
Streets of Cacalchen

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