Use of Lightbox

The addition of a light box effect in a website has many uses. The first of which is the efficient use of space. I cannot say how many times there has been an overlap of visual content over a main area. The use of a light box deals with that efficiently in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. The other use of a light box is allowing the user to choose what exactly they want to view.

In the same div tag, one can toggle a photo gallery, a video clip, a swf. file and several other options. In the example that i have seen for the advertising of the movie “50/50” there is the option of viewing one of three files form the dock. The interactivity of this option is something that I will not overlook in the future.


Effective use of timeline: Arab Spring

I think this example of a time line is the most impressive I have seen yet. A fully interactive  (3D time line!) is a novel concept. I like how the scrolling slider on top and the nav scroller on the side essentially slide the events towards the viewer. Additionally each nations arrangements appear as though they are being pulled off an assembly, possibly signifying the manufactured tools of revolution gaining prominence in our world.  Each of the markers that represent regime change, political moves and internal and external pressure have links to the story on the The Guardian newspaper. I believe that such designs will become invaluable tools for  historians, social news commentators and other individuals that are interested in this field.

Effective use of a slideshow

A few days ago I happened across a video put out by the BBC of their soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. In terms of design and arrangement it was most effective in conveying how passionate and honest people in an intense situation are. The writing is vivid as they tell stories of loss, the way local children light up at the sight of a pen, the kind nature of the people and the rough beauty of the land. The images of letters, photographs of “tommies” at rest and, most importantly, the presence of musical accompaniment. In the course of the presentation the music is at once mournful, introspective and full of reproachful meaning.

I would say this is an excellent example of the documentary, as it fully conveys a sense of humanity and thought as to the common thread people have called life.