Eyes On Darfur

Eyes on Darfur is a website dedicated to monitoring the ethnic cleansing campaign perpetuated by the Sudanese government against its Southern citizens. Among the features I’ve seen are a ‘call to action’ toggle as well as a ‘crisis’ description page. I found the motion map icon to be the most effective method in conveying the sheer destruction committed by the government forces against civilian targets. The link below is of detailed satellite footage taken of incidents ranging from 2003 to 2007. I hope to include a similar element in my first project for the class.



Zion National Park

Currently I am to work with my local National Park: The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. I have given much thought into how I would approach social media in terms of renewing America’s park system. The following link is of Zion National park in Utah, home of some of the most pristine nature trails and Eco-systems in the country.


The site includes embedded video files of trails, commentary by park rangers, podcasts of the wildlife, photo galleries of the history of the park, and many more exciting additions. This has me excited as my ideal job description would be as a content generator and manager for the private sector. The feature that i am most fascinated by is the Panoramic video. It is clearly an example of this week’s time line example. Again I can’t wait to put these features into practice!